About The Show

If you are feeling that life would be better if you just knew what to do in order to change it. If you’re feeling off balance or out of sorts and if you’re feeling STRESSED and OVERWHELMED, look no further, I am here to show you how to shift your life into the YOU, that you know you can be! Get ready for Quantum Energy University… it will shift your life into gear with Amazing Inspiration, Energy Transformation, Stress Release and Emotional Balance.

The ONLY PERMANENT way to heal your mind and regain your full poise, confidence, and positive outlook, is through the tools of Quantum Energy.

How does it work? Well, it’s based on advanced scientific discoveries, but let me give it to you in plain English. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, which serve various functions. In recent years, it was discovered that everything we’ve ever experienced is stored inside of us, deep inside our cells.

This is called “cellular memory”, similar to the concept of “muscle memory”. So, literally everything you have ever experienced, both good and bad, is stored in the cellular structure of your body.  Some of this stored information is useful, and some of it is limiting your life, and preventing you from unleashing your full potential.

Thanks to this ground-breaking research, we now know that confidence is not a BELIEF, it’s an ENERGY, embedded within your cells. As you know, the human body is both incredibly complex and powerful, and by connecting to your body in a deeper way than you ever thought was possible, you can make changes at a cellular level, to transform your energy and create boundless confidence!

The best part is that you can easily learn how to do this – no matter how old (or young) you are, where you live, your education, or background.  If you’re human, you can learn it, it will help you AND it will work for you! In fact, when you use this system, you will experience immediate results that will surprise and delight you. I guarantee it!

I’ve created a package of everything you need, including an easy to understand series of videos, along with a study guide. Since creating it, the guide has also transformed the lives of thousands of people from around the world, both young and old, rich and poor, even some who were on the verge of suicide. You cannot find this unique training in any shop, bookstore or anywhere online

I’ve packaged everything you need into an exclusive Online Training Center called “Quantum Energy University”, or “Quantum Energy U” as it’s become known by our members.

Think how good it will feel when you’re finally able to gain control over your thoughts and feelings, enjoying your new-found confidence and positive energy. How much would it mean to you to confidently walk into any room, quickly make new friends, and discover new opportunities that enhance your life?

Nobody can ever take this transformation from you.  The skills you will learn are timeless, and they’ll continue to work for you today, tomorrow, and ten, twenty, thirty years from now.  And you’ll be surprised as to how easy it is.  Just follow my simple “recipe,” and before you know it, you’ll be on the path to a whole new you.

But the point is, you can see this system can transform your life, permanently. Now is the time to become confident, stress-free, and in full control of your emotions…

When you join Quantum Energy U today, you’ll get instant access to the following:

  • Core Video And Audio Training – These learning materials will help you overcome the following common challenges like lack of confidence, low self-esteem, fear, insecurity, and even many physical ailments.
  • Online Membership Area – You can login to your account online anytime 24/7, whenever you need a boost.
  • Live Training Videos – Each week I post a NEW LIVE training video on a specific topic, based on the feedback of the Quantum Energy U community.  Recently I’ve delved into topics including how to get rid of bad habits and learn new behaviors, how to handle emotional and physical burnout, and how to shift from a scarcity money mindset to financial abundance, allowing money to flow more freely into your life.
  • Direct Access to Me – Being a member of Quantum Energy U gives you the ability to ask me questions you have, as they come up. Imagine having me on call, whenever you feel low, or troubled.  It’s like having me at your side, as your personal mentor and coach.
  • A Loving Community of Like-Minded Individuals – Quantum Energy U is the ability to interact with others who are experiencing the same kinds of challenges. In our community, you’re in good company.  You’ll be fully supported, nurtured, and loved.  Many of our members have already forged friendships that will probably last a lifetime!

There’s a lot more inside, including all the episodes from my popular Quantum Shift Online TV show, and my award winning feature length movie, “The Ultimate Answer is inside”.

I’m confident you’ll love it!  Quantum Energy U really can change your life.