The Quantum Healing Center, LLC was built to create the most powerful, meaningful and fastest healing experiences possible, while teaching healing to students who would in turn spread the healing from person-to-person and family-to-family. Our goal is to have a positive impact on society and ultimately heal the world.

We have a strong community of like-minded people who are interested in helping themselves and/or helping others. We offer powerful and meaningful ways for our community to learn, grow and evolve through the experience of Quantum Energy Transformation™ with our TV Show, “EmotionallyFree.TV, Quantum Classes, Transformation Programs, as well as Personal Sessions.

There is NO dogma. Although there are members of our community who are religious in some way, we honor all people and their beliefs. No matter your culture, upbringing or religion, Quantum Energy Transformation™ works for everyone from all walks of life.

The Science of Quantum
Energy Transformation™

Joshua Bloom introduces a new science that is already revolutionizing healing. With this new discovery, you will rapidly move towards wellness, healing and transformation faster than with conventional methods. His revolutionary approach, is based on the most recent research in cellular science, Quantum Physics and energy healing. It’s non-intrusive, and allows you to heal yourself at the cellular level of your body.

How We Hold Space For You

We honor you for who you are, and who you are becoming. We help you get to you “who you are” better, so you can live your life at the highest level of possibility. We hold the space for you, so you can become who you are capable of becoming.


The following are useful assumptions or presuppositions that we feel sum up our philosophy:

  • We are all connected.
  • We all have the ability to connect to ourselves.
  • When we are connected to ourselves fully, we are connected to everything in the universe.
  • Our connection to ourselves, as well as our ability to move energy at the cellular level to create a Quantum shift is what makes ANYTHING possible!
  • We open up to the world and all of its wondrous possibilities.
  • Love is our natural state of being and is always flowing through us.
  • We move with the flow of life and allow everything to unfold exactly as it should.
  • There is NO failure, only feedback; information and energy.
  • Life is our feedback. Life is our playground. We allow ourselves to evolve as we move through my lives.
  • The mind and body flow together as one. Shift one and they both change.
  • I am in charge of my mind and body and, therefore, my outcome.
  • Every choice we choose is the right choice in that moment.
  • Each choice we make provides us with new learning, and an opportunity to evolve.
  • All of life’s experiences can be an invitation for change.
  • If one person in the world can do what I want to do, I can do it too!